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KMI Structural Integration

KMI (Kinesis Myofascial Integration) Structural Integration is an exciting alternative to traditional methods of dealing with injury and chronic pain. It is a unique, stand alone manual modality that can also incorporate seamlessly with yoga, pilates, physical therapy, and many other recuperative systems. It can be an ideal therapy for athletic or automobile injuries, as well as pre- and post operative care.

Gene was one of the early Structural Integration practitioners to receive Board Certification for Structural Integration, of which there still are currently only about 300 with such certification in the world. In 2005, Gene spent one year with Thomas Myers, the pioneer of KMI, learning his KMI system. This system is the basis for Gene's current work and all his theories at the table doing that work. Following his training with Thomas, Gene spent 18 months studying with an Osteopath to sharpen his skills.

Gene's interest in bodywork began with training in Shiatsu in 1991, followed with massage school at Scherer Acadamy in 1996. Today he is one of the busiest KMI Structural Integration practioners in the state.

"I like to bring a solid anatomical background and my sense of humor and excitement about this work to the tableside. I always work from the perspective of reminding the body of it's inherent health and ability, rather than trying to manipulate it against its will."

When away from the table, Gene is a backpacker, martial artist, and mountaineer. He has been married for 38 "wonderful years to the best, most fantastic woman I ever met". They have two adult kids, both successful in the outdoors industy.

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