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Patient Testimonials

“After a lifetime of chronic pain I have finally found KMI which gives me relief where nothing else can. How did I ever live without this? Gene is so personable that he almost makes getting out of pain fun.”

— AB, Santa Fe, NM

“KMI & Gene Doyle changed my life. I discovered it is far more inclusive and beneficial than physical therapy and there is not much that Gene Doyle doesn't know about in the way muscles, bones and nerves work in the body. I am totally addicted and will always consult him first. He saved me from needless x-rays and such on a knee when I fell directly on it and it was so sore I wondered if I should proceed with the doctor route. He had it 'fixed' in two sessions.”

— MAW, Santa Fe, NM

“After my accident in 2008, I felt like Gene Doyle literally saved my life. I was in so much pain I was literally unable to move, much less function normally, and Gene had me back on my feet within two or three sessions. I have experienced many different types of energy and body work and can attest to the fact that KMI is truly unique in how it enables the body to marshal its own healing resources. Plus, it is amazingly pain-relieving. Gene also has a compassionate and nurturing bedside manner, which in my experience is greatly needed when one is in chronic pain. He really understands what his patients are going through, provides great hope and comfort, and is a master in his practice.”

— LEW, Santa Fe, NM

“Gene Doyle has a gift and can make many aches and pains go away. He also has the ability to think outside the box to figure out chronic pain and address it successfully. And he continually studies and updates his tool box.”

— RL, Santa Fe, NM

“I went to Gene after a rollover crash. He fixed me from head to toe! Not only did I recover physically, but I also recovered emotionally. The KMI work that Gene performed released old childhood traumas which were held in my body. As the result of Gene's work, I am happier in my skin and enjoying life!”

— SB, Santa Fe, NM

“When I walk into Gene's office I know that he will be carefully listening to what I say and keenly observing my body language. He will immediately zero in on what areas of my body need attention. Although I may tell him that my neck and shoulders hurt he just might begin work on my hips and feet. In no time I can feel the adjustment just where I need it. Gene combines knowledge, skill and a remarkable intuitive sense of how all parts of the body work together to create an amazing healing experience.”

— SM, Santa Fe, NM

“Having a session with Gene is an incredible experience. He knows the structure of the body not just from a textbook, but intuitively. He can "feel" what needs to be done and does it magically. I would highly recommend Gene's work to anyone!”

— MG, Santa Fe, NM

“When I first began working with Gene about 18 months ago (following a serious drug reaction) I was waking, after only 1 or 2 hours of sleep, with extreme nervous agitation and involuntary tremors - totally exhausted mentally and physically. Because I was not getting any real help from mainstream medicine, and I had never tolerated most prescription drugs very well, I really didn’t know where to turn for help. Drugs or psychiatry to cope with the symptoms were all that 32 days at the Mayo Clinic had offered me. Fortunately a neighbor knew of Gene and his integrative body work; at this point I must agree with her assessment that “he can work miracles”. After a slow but steady journey back to good health, with Gene as my guide and principle caregiver, I am regaining my health and formerly active lifestyle. His open, inquiring mind and diverse experience with a variety of therapies allowed him to guide my recovery, pulling in other experts as needed. Without a doubt the KMI approach and Gene’s deep understanding of how the body works were central to my recovery. ”

— KP, Santa Fe, NM

“I have been working with Gene Doyle for about a year, particularly intensively in the last 3 months. During this time I have been laboring very hard to finish a major house remodel project, and trying to physically keep up with someone half my age on the landscaping stage. Literally Gene has saved my butt (as well as most other parts of my body) and straightened me out after I’ve come in to see him when I could not stand up straight. With his profound knowledge of anatomy, deep understanding of the KMI method, and laser vision for spotting the underlying cause of my distress, he has rescued me frequently from long hours of considerable discomfort.”

— RH, Santa Fe, NM

“Gene has a way of deeply knowing exactly where to go to release pain. He uses his experience, knowledge and humor to make the process enlightening and sometimes even fun. I am no longer in constant pain and I thank Gene for that.”

— SW, Santa Fe, NM

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